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No. Panel Panel Maker LED driver Data Sheet



◆ CVT40-01
Used for Samsung 40", LTI400HA10
◆ CVT456-Multi
Used for
  • LD490EGE-FHM1, LD490DUE-FHB1
  • LD550EGE-FHM1, LD550DUE-FHB1
  • LD650EGE-FHM1
◆ GH465A
This LED Driver provide the easiest way of LED driver solution for various kinds of TFT LCD displays. Therefore the highest priority of design concept is the users' convenience for having a correct LED driver on time.

There are total 10 points on the PCB which are changeable by user easily. (8 numbers of TP/Tipping Point and 2 numbers of Resistor). All the users can take this LED driver with bare condition, i.e., nothing any touch up condition these 10 points. Then users can select these 10 points "as is" or "addition of short or open" for TP points and add a proper resistor with certain value for 2 resistors according to the model table on the spec file
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